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Details for this weekends The Division 2 Public Beta

The Division 2’s private beta has been and gone, but the public beta takes place this weekend, giving all players the opportunity to get a sneak peek at Washington D.C. before the games full release on Friday 15th March. Not much has been known about what the public beta will entail, but luckily Ubisoft has released some more details on what we can expect, revealing that there will be some additional content that wasn’t included in the private beta.

For a start, the public beta will feature one additional story mission known as Viewpoint Museum, which brings the total number of playable missions to three, with the other two being Grand Washington Hotel and Jefferson Trade Center. All three missions will be playable in both Normal and Hard mode. There’s also an additional Skill known as the Chem Launcher, and players will have access to two new Settlement Projects. The level cap is also being raised to level 8, and PvP players will be able to try out an additional Skirmish PvP map known as Capitol Ruins. As was the case in the private beta, the public beta will contain five optional side missions.

There will be four named zones to explore in the public beta, each with their own level range, and they are The White House (which is your Base of Operations), Downtown East, The Federal Triangle, and Smithsonian. Again, for the more PvP-minded players, Dark Zone East will become accessible upon completing the Jefferson Trade Center mission. As was the case in the private beta, completing the Jefferson Trade Center mission will also unlock three level 30 characters on your account, and logging in as one of these characters will drop you into an end game mission.

Hopefully the public beta won’t suffer from the same kind of technical and connection issues that the private beta did.

The Division 2’s Public Beta will run on all platforms from Friday 1st March at 10am CET/1am PST/4am ET/6pm JST/8pm AET until the same times on Tuesday 5th March.



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