Definitive Edition of Telltale’s The Walking Dead on its way in September

Skybound Entertainment will release a definitive edition of Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. This new edition will be available both physically and digitally on release.

Launching Tuesday 10th September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC by way of The Epic Game Store, the Definitive Series will include the four original seasons of The Walking Dead, as well as the 400 Days DLC and Michonne’s three episode mini-series. That’s a total of 23 episodes in one package, as well as the added extras that the Definitive Edition will include.

10 hours of developers commentary, behind-the-scenes material, a documentary, and a music player with 140 tracks will make up the collection. Disappointingly however, this new edition won’t feature any major graphical, performance, or gameplay improvements, although you can expect to see slight improvements to character performances, lip syncing, and the games UI.

Another disappointment is the exclusion of a Nintendo Switch version of the Definitive Edition. I can’t help but feel that the Switch would have been the platform which benefited most from a re-release.

Season 4’s enhanced art style Graphic Black will return, this time as an option for all the previous seasons of the game.

“Graphic black is a loving tribute to the source material and a powerful art style that makes the game look like a living comic book,” said Kent Mudle, creative director. “An idea the team formulated and perfected with The Final Season, this new visual styling offers longtime fans a way to play the series again in a brand-new light while giving new audiences a smooth visual ride across all seasons.”

You can check out the comparison between the original graphics and graphic black in the trailer below:

For those who have yet to experience The Walking Dead series, the new Definitive Edition – with it’s improvements and added extras – will no doubt be the best way to play through the episodes.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series will launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Tuesday 10th September.






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