Cuphead is coming to Switch on April 18th

The bromance between Microsoft and Nintendo continues, and with it Microsoft has gifted Nintendo the rights to release Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch. Cuphead is arguably one of the best console exclusives that the Xbox has to offer, so releasing the game on the Switch is a big announcement and shows just how good the relationship between the two companies is.

Cuphead is a side-scrolling action game with graphics based on 1930’s cartoons, and it sees you take control of…well….a cup, who sold its soul to the devil and is now on a mission to get it back. The Switch version will also include co-op, allowing two players to play on a single Switch console. If you’re an Xbox player then fear not, Xbox Achievements are also enabled, so you can satisfy your achievement hunting itch while on the toilet if you so wish. The game lends itself perfectly to the Switch library of indie games, though it will be interesting to see how it runs as the developers have previously said that the Switch isn’t powerful enough to run the game. You can view the full Switch trailer for the game below:

I should point out that despite its fun name and cartoon art style Cuphead isn’t for the faint-hearted, it’s an extremely frustrating game similar to the likes of Celeste in that regard, but if you’re the type of person who loves a challenge it’s a must buy.

We’ve known for some time now that Nintendo and Microsoft have been working together on various projects behind the scenes, one of which is of course bringing the Game Pass to the Switch, and other projects could well be ports of more Xbox exclusive games. It would be awesome to see Ori come to the Switch.

As mentioned previously, you can pick up Cuphead for the Switch on Thursday 18th April. If you can’t wait then be sure to check out the best Switch games out now, and if you’re a bit strapped for cash considering it’s the end of the month then why not check out the free-to-play Switch games?



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