Borderlands 3 announced

It may well be the least surprising news of 2019, but Gearbox has officially announced Borderlands 3 during their PAX East livestream.

That announcement came in the form of a trailer for the game following numerous teasers from Gearbox over the last few weeks, all of which pointed to an announcement at PAX East.


The badass trailer gives us plenty of looks at the gorgeously cel-shaded world of Borderlands 3, which will feature deserts, swamps, and cities. There are also a load of familiar faces throughout the trailer (including a break dancing Claptrap) as well as some new ones, and we also get a look at some enemies that we can expect to face, including what appears to be some form of fire-breathing dinosaur. All of this takes place to a badass soundtrack that comes complete with a bloody saxophone solo.

The trailer also teases us with a brief glimpse of green, blue, and purple loot, and reveals that there will be over a billion guns available to find. Wowzers.

There’s no news on platforms or a release date yet, but Gearbox says that gamers will be available to visit the borderlands website on Wednesday 3rd April for more information.

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