Blizzard reveals new Overwatch map, Paris

Bonjour. Blizzard has revealed a new map for their team-based shooter, Overwatch. Named Paris, the map is currently available to play on the PTR.

The map is an Assault map, which means one team will have to try and capture a couple of points one after the other while another team tries to defend them. As you have probably guessed, the map will be set in the French capital, Paris, and will feature landmarks like the Seine River, Cabaret Luna, the Pâtisserie Galand, Maison Marat, and—of course—you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

Players will “battle through narrow streets and corridors before colliding alongside the Seine,” as they fight for control of the city of love. Paris is currently available on the PTR, but there is currently no word on when it will be implemented into the full game. New maps usually spend a couple of weeks on the PTR, so I’m guessing that Paris will make its debut on the live servers on Valentines Day – how appropriate.

When Paris does arrive on the live servers it will most likely only be available in Quick Play until the next competitive season, as per the norm when new maps are introduced.

The arrival of Paris marks the first time that a new map has been introduced into the game since Busan became available all the way back in September. We’ve been big fans of Overwatch here at Buff Nerf Repeat, but we do have some complaints about the lack of new content that has been introduced, with Blizzard seemingly happy to just recycle the same seasonal events throughout the year. It’s always nice to get another new map, but I can’t help but feel that Overwatch needs a bit more at this point, preferably in the form of a new game mode.



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