Blade Symphony

Blade Symphony is now free-to-play to the annoyance of some fans

Blade Symphony, the multiplayer sword fighting PC game released by Puny Human in 2014, has gone free to play, much to the annoyance of pretty much everyone.

The game is currently being review-bombed on Steam, with a recent review rating of mostly negative at the time of writing. It seems that many veteran players have been left feeling hard done by after paying for the game, with new players also finding various reasons to criticize the title or to simply jump on the bandwagon.

It’s a shame really, as developer Puny Human made a point of stating that the move to free-to-play wasn’t a money grab, but an opportunity for more people to experience a game that’s nearly at the end of its lifespan.

“We didn’t want to do this to manage overhead (even if we’re now offloading all inventory stuff to Steam.) We wanted to do this, so that this game could be more accessible, and have a longer life. The game deserves to be tried out” read a message on Steam from the developer.

The move to free-to-play has also added some additional items and features. with 48 new items being added to “encourage trading and purchasing”

Duel_castle has been updated and rebuilt, in a move which should improve the performance of one of the games most popular maps.

A “Find Duel” option has been added to the menu, designed to help new players find games more quickly and, finally, 10 exclusive items will be made available for free to anyone that previously owned the game before the free-to-play move.

Despite the rather uncalled for negative reviews, it might be worth checking out Blade Symphony for free, as the game received some positive reviews at launch. Let’s just hope new players give the game a chance and don’t allow the reviews on Steam to put them off.






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