Bethesda outline plans for Fallout 76 Patch 11

After what could only be described as a disastrous launch, Bethesda is slowly turning Fallout 76 into a game worthy of the Fallout branding. At E3, we were treated to news of some rather substantial changes, and now with Patch 11 on its way things look like they’re on the up and up for Fallout 76.

In a recent blog post, Bethesda shared details of its upcoming patch which is due to be released in mid-July. The patch will look to add a smoother path for new characters as well as improved item descriptions and food spoilage, among other things.

It seems that Bethesda has acted off of the feedback it received after Fallout 76 went free-to-play for a limited time right after E3.

“Lots of new Dwellers have been leaving Vault 76 for the first time over the past few weeks and, in Patch 11, we’re looking to make a few adjustments to help new and low-level characters have more gradual introductions to some of the game’s mechanics and challenges.” 

Changes for new characters will include paying fewer caps to fast travel when under level 25, having a higher disease resistance when under level 15, and replacing certain early-game rewards with items and other supplies that add in early survival. Reduced creature difficulty in certain sub-regions were also outlined, with more details to be revealed in the full patch notes later this month.

Food spoilage changes will also reduce difficulty for both new and current players. Food and drinks will no longer lose condition after you fast travel, with spoiling taking 50% longer.

Items, recipes, and mods will be receiving an update to their descriptions. Legendary items will be displaying their current attributes as opposed to just the first, with crafting recipes and mods now displaying a description for the item they create while in the inspect, trade, vending, or container menus.

For more information about Patch 11 for Fallout 76, check out the Bethesda’s Inside The Vault blog here.







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