How to get the exotic pistol ‘Liberty’ in The Division 2

The Liberty is the only exotic sidearm currently available in The Division 2. Like many of the rare exotic weapons found in The Division 2, the Liberty has to be crafted after all parts of the weapon and the blueprint are found. Frustratingly, RNG is also heavily involved in the crafting of the Liberty, as players will need to get their hands on the elusive high end D50 weapon to craft it.

Lets take a look at the Liberty Desert Eagle and its unique talents:

Liberty – Gain +100% damage to hostile electronics. While aiming, enemy weak points and hostile electronics are highlighted.

Blind Justice – After destroying an enemy’s weak point or hostile electronics, your next bullet deals +500% Weapon Damage. If that shot kills an enemy, your magazine is refilled and grants +100% Weapon Damage for the entire magazine.

Independence – While holstered, destroying weakpoints refills 20% of your current weapon’s magazine.

So, that’s how the Liberty looks and what it does. Now follow these steps to obtain it:

*Be sure to complete the following missions normally and not invaded, as the named enemies (and therefore the loot) will be different.

Step 1 – Capital Hill Stronghold

Head to the Capital Hill Stronghold and kill named boss ‘Captain Kendra Nelson’ who will drop the part Trigger and Mechanism

All the levels for all the parts can be played on any difficulty, so for speed purposes dial it down to normal.

Step 2 – American History Museum

Head to the mission, again on any difficulty, and kill final boss ‘Captain Briggs’

Briggs will drop another exotic weapon part called Receiver and Paintjob

Step 3 – ViewPoint Museum

Next up is the ViewPoint Museum mission. Kill end boss ‘Carl Wade’ and grab the Sight and Rail weapon part.

Step 4 -Space Administration HQ

Play through Space Administration HQ. Kill final boss ‘Steve Quiroz’ and receive your final pistol part Grip and Tags. As this is the final weapon part you need, you will also receive the Blueprint for the gun itself, called Kendra’s Liberty Blueprint.

Step 5 – Find a D50

This could be either the easiest step or the most frustrating. You need a high end D50 sidearm to craft the exotic Liberty. The gear score for the D50 doesn’t matter, so hopefully you’ve saved at least one in your stash by now. If not, the D50 can be found like all other weapons in The Division 2, but it’s RNG based, so this is where frustration can creep in. If you don’t have one then my advice would be to simply play the game, keeping your eyes peeled for when one finally drops.

Step 6 – Craft

Now you have all the exotic weapon parts, the Blueprint, and the high end D50 sidearm, it’s time to craft the Liberty. All that’s required of you now is a few common crafting parts and to thenn head to the crafting bench in the Base of Operations. Go to the weapons tab and find the exotic blueprints to craft your Liberty.

Step 7 – The Roll

I’m adding this final step as some players I’ve encountered in-game still don’t know how this works. When a weapon is crafted or looted it will be assigned damage based on that weapons damage range. This means you can get a low damage weapon, a high damage weapon, or one somewhere in the middle. For more information about weapon damage ranges, check out my guide on the subject here.

The Liberty has a damage range of 52,144 – 63,731 damage at gear score 500.

If your weapon rolled poorly, don’t fear. You can in fact craft exotic weapons again, providing you have exotic parts from dismantling unwanted exotic weapons. Short of that, you can also place your Liberty weapon in your shared stash, so it can be held by a secondary character. Doing this means you can repeat all the above steps and craft the weapon again.






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