Baptiste will come to the live Overwatch servers next week

Overwatch’s newest hero, Baptiste, will become available on the live servers on Tuesday 19th March, Blizzard has confirmed.

Jean-Baptiste Augustin (or simply Baptiste for short) is a combat medic who turned his back on the mercenary group Talon, having joined the no-gooders earlier on in his life after he was orphaned during the Omnic war. Fitting in to the Support class, Baptiste’s abilities include his Medic SMG that’s capable of a three-round burst and has an alternate fire that launches Biotic Grenades that can heal allies; Regenerative Burst, which provides healing-over-time; Immortality Field, which creates a defensive field that prevents teammates from dropping below 20 health; and his Amplification Matrix, which doubles the damage or healing of any friendly projectiles that pass through it. On top of all of that, Baptiste also has a Passive ability in the form of his Exo Boots, which allow him to jump over obstacles or over long distances.

Baptiste was first announced at the end of February and was immediately available on the PTR (Public Test Realm) over on the PC, but players on all platforms will now be excited to know that they’ll be able to try Baptiste out for themselves in less than a weeks time.

Baptiste will go live on all platforms on Tuesday 19th March.



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