Apex Legends is getting a massive level cap increase

Apex Legends is getting some big changes to its progression system, including a massive level cap increase.

Starting from Tuesday 3rd December, the level cap will be raised from 100 to 500, which is a whopping 400 level increase for anybody who can’t do basic maths. To deal with the level cap increase, Respawn has reduced the rate at which the amount of XP required to level up increases between levels 20 and 58 so that the XP curve is softer for new players, and the total XP which is required to hit level 100 has been reduced by around 5%. Because of this, Respawn is informing players between the levels of 20 and 99 that they may find themselves a level higher once the changes go live if they were close to levelling up, which will be a lovely little bonus.

Because of the level cap increase, Respawn is also adjusting how Apex Pack rewards are dished out. Now, players will earn one pack for every level between levels 2 and 20, one pack for every two levels between levels 22 and 300, and one pack every five levels between levels 305 and 500. This means that in total players can now earn 199 Apex Packs related to level rewards, and you’ll also earn 600 Legend Tokens per level or per 18,000 XP if you’re at level 500. You’ll also get a shiny new badge every ten levels from level 110 to level 500. Aww. It’s also worth noting that “the maximum XP required per level will remain at 18,000 starting at level 58 (26 in the old system) and will remain constant through level 500.”. Respawn are also adding 36 new gun charms into Apex Packs, all of which are available in Epic and Legendary tiers. Gun Charms will now also rotate through the shop.

If all of that bumph has confused you, then Respawn provided a pretty handy TL:DR section in their announcement, so I’ve included that for you too:

TL;DR – Player Level Progression Changes

  • Player Level cap increased from 100 -> 500
    • XP required to hit level 100 has been reduced by approximately 5% to smooth out per level XP increases
  • Players can now earn 199 Apex Packs by level 500 (previously 45)
    • Level 2 – 20: One pack every level
    • Level 22 – 300: One pack every two levels
    • Level 305 – 500: One pack every five levels
    • You will continue to earn 600 Legend Tokens per level
    • Apex Packs rewards will be retroactive
  • Players will also earn a Player Level Gun Charm every 100 Player Levels

These changes will go live on Tuesday 3rd December.



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