Apex Legends has a new character on the way called Wattson

During the pre-E3 EA show, Respawn unveiled their 10th legend that will be joining the Apex Legends cast – Wattson.

Wattson, as with any new character, adds a whole new set of mechanics to the game. She is an electrical engineer and is able to build defences, specifically fences which you can place around your location that briefly stun any enemy that walks through them, as well as alerting your whole squad of their location via a ping. Her ultimate ability spawns a pylon which calls in a brutal bombardment (similar to Gibraltar’s defensive bombardment).

Wattson will launch at the same time that season two starts (July 2nd), you can view the reveal trailer for Wattson below:

As well as Wattson, Respawn also announced a ranked mode is on the way, as well teasing some map changes, saying:

“A couple of big things coming into King’s Canyon in season two”.

Exciting times ahead.

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