The safest places to drop in Black Ops 4: Blackout

Sure, Blackout is all about loot, but dropping in at the places that contain the most loot can be frustrating and can lead to some very short games. Considering the loading and waiting times aren’t exactly short, a few deaths in a row shortly after dropping can become frustrating, so why not drop somewhere a bit safer?

The benefit of dropping at one of the places below is that chances are you’re still going to get a gun and some Level 1 armor at a minimum, which means you can then push into a more heavily looted area calmly in the search of more loot. Plus, it’s just not much fun if you keep dropping in and dying. So, without further ado the safest places I have found to drop that still have loot are below:

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6 House Estate

The 6 house estate can be found sandwiched between Construction Yard and Array, it’s a great place to drop if you don’t mind a bit of action but don’t want to be dropped in with several teams.

This is probably the riskiest place to drop on this list as other people may drop here, but it also has the best rewards – each of the six houses contain a decent amount of loot, including armor, guns and healing. However, the highest armor you’ll find here is Level 2 and don’t expect to find a sniper or too many attachments for your weapons.

Once you’ve looted what you need move out quickly, as people will most likely be heading your way from Array (depending on the circle).

Between Lighthouse and Factory

Between the Lighthouse and Factory, there are several buildings ripe for the looting – you’ll usually be able to get well kitted here. Since the buildings are separated, it’s best to follow a path. I generally drop on the building near the Lighthouse and then make my way to Factory by following the road.

If I didn’t see many people drop at Lighthouse I will also cross the road and loot the houses opposite. The path I take is highlighted above, with the houses opposite that I referred to marked in blue.

Once you have looted these buildings it should be safer to make your way into Factory and take whatever was left behind.

Houses Between Array and Fracking Tower

The two housing spots highlighted above can be a good source of loot which will kit you out ready for you to move into a more loot-heavy location. Of the two locations nearby, I would say that Array is the safest bet, depending on the circle of course.

After clearing these houses you also have the option to move down towards Nuketown and hitting the ‘Diner’ (marked in red); the Zombies and the Mystery Box spawn here so it can be dangerous, especially if other people are there, but if you’re quick you should be able to clear out the zombies and grab the loot box before others have finished looting their named areas.

Town Between Fracking Tower and Turbine

Just south of Rivertown (between Fracking Tower and Turbine) there’s a baby Rivertown without a name. Head here if you want the loot that Rivertown offers without the competition. Okay, so it doesn’t offer exactly the same loot, and it doesn’t offer as much (for example, you most likely won’t find a Level 3 Armor here), but there will be plenty of gear here to set you up for your assault on one of the more populous areas of the map.


Some of the named places don’t get as much traffic as you might think, but there is still more of a risk involved in going to these places. The Lighthouse is a bit hit and miss; sometimes you won’t see anyone there and sometimes it seems like everyone has dropped on your head. This, coupled with the Zombie threat makes this place risky, but in my experience, it’s pretty safe more often than not, especially if the helicopter path is mid or north of the map.

If you do see people dropping at Lighthouse before you, then I would suggest you divert and follow the ‘Between Lighthouse and Factory’ path I mentioned above. You can also follow this path once you’re done at Lighthouse should you have been lucky enough to have been the first to drop there. As a side note, never try to swim the water to Cargo Docks.

And there we have it, these are the safest places I have personally found to drop in Blackout. Do you know of any more? If so, let us know in the comments and we will get it added to the list!

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