How to unlock more skins / characters in Call of Duty Blackout

When in the lobby of a Blackout game you’ll see that you’re able to change your character. However, most of them are locked and simply say ‘complete the X story mission’. If you’re anything like me, you would have no idea what the F this means or what you need to do. Well, it’s actually pretty easy. I say easy, it’s easy to understand what to do, but it’s a bit more challenging and time consuming to actually do it.

Throughout the Blackout map there are various random items, one example of these random items is ‘Poker Chips’. When selected, these items will show you a set of missions or tasks that you need to carry out in that game in order to complete the ‘story’ for the characters item that you have.

Once you have completed the missions and the game has ended (you don’t need to win) you will unlock the skin / character in the character select screen.

Seems easy enough, right? But where are these items? The items are dropped throughout the map and some drop at random places, so it’s not as easy as it sounds. Once you have one in your inventory you need to complete the missions, I have detailed the missions and location for each item below, so try and choose one that you think you can complete and isn’t too much of a challenge. Save the hard ones for last!

*This list is still in progress, if the character you’re looking to unlock isn’t listed here it’s either because I don’t know the answer or it’s because it’s not currently possible to unlock them yet.

Blackout Characters

Character Req Item / Location Missions
Reznov Ushanka Hat / Estates or the Asylum
  • Get 1 “Long Range” kill (200m or more)
  • Place Top 2 in Squads, Top 3 in Duos, or Top 5 in Solos with the Ushanka Hat in your inventory.
Mason Stained White T-Shirt / Supply Stashes
  • Wake the Sleeper Agent (Activate the Emergency Broadcast, which is located in Array)
  • Place in the Top 4 in Quads, Top 8 in Duos, or Top 15 in Solos with the Stained White T-Shirt in your inventory
Woods Bandana / Kill Zombies or Players
  • Get in a Helicopter during a match
  • Win a Match
Menendez Locket
  • Kill an enemy with a shotgun
  • Kill an enemy with a melee attack
  • Finish the match
Hudson None Unlocked from Contraband in the Black Market (Tier 199) in Operations: First Strike
Ranger None Unlocked at Echelon 20
Frogman None Unlocked at Echelon 40
Airborne None Unlocked at Echelon 60
Seal None Unlocked at Echelon 80
Battle Hardened None Unlocked at Echelon 80 Prestige

Multiplayer Character Missions

Character Req Item / Location Missions
Battery War Machine / Unknown
  • Get kills with the Grenade launcher
  • Finish the match in the top 15 players
Firebreak Burned Doll / Supply Box or Drop
  • Confirm a Kill or Clean Up a downed player with fire
Nomad Juneau’s Tags / Supply Stashes
  • Kill 2 enemies without them dealing any damage to you
  • Finish the match with the Juneau’s Tags in your inventory
Prophet Ocular Prosthetic / Supply Drops
  • Win the match while you have 3 perks active
Ruin Craft the Grapple Gun by finding pieces
  • Finish in the top 15
Seraph Annihilator / Unknown
  • Get Annihilator kills and finish top 15
Ajax Broken Armor Plating / Looting Bodies
  • Finish the match with three Broken Armor Platings in your inventory
Crash Poker Chips / Stashes
  • End the match with 15 Healing Items
  • Finish in the top 3
Recon I Ching Coins / Supply Drops and Boxes
  • Avoid any collapse damage
  • Finish in the top 7
Torque Note from Torque / Supply Drops and Boxes
  • Deploy 2 Razor Wires and 1 Barricade
  • Finish in the top 7

Zombie Characters

Character Req Item / Location Missions
Shadow Man Blackout Pass
  • Buy the Blackout pass
Firebreak Burned Doll / Supply Box or Drop
  • Confirm a Kill or Clean Up a downed player with fire
Dempsey Death Machine / Unknown
  • Kill zombies
  • Finish in the top 10
Bruno Mug Shot / Supply Drops
  • Down an enemy with a melee attack
Diego Pulp Magazine / Killing Zombies
  • Down 1 enemy with a headshot
Scarlett Racing Goggles & Scarf / Killing Zombies
  • Kill an enemy by driving into them with a vehicle
Shaw Alchemical Set / Mystery Box (look for the blue beams of light)
  • Kill 2 enemies with either a Wraith Fire or Acid Bomb
Please be aware that for the characters that require you to pick up an item you will need to have the item in your inventory at the end of the game. Also, progress does not carry over to the next game; you have to complete all missions for that character in a single game.

As you can see, there’s a tonne of characters to unlock in Blackout and to unlock them all will take a long time. Some of them may even be out of reach for a lot of players, so try and unlock the easier ones first, such as Prophet, Ajax and Recon as well as the characters that you unlock as you level up. The quickest way to get a new character is, of course, to buy the Blackout pass.

As mentioned above, this list is still a work in progress – as and when we find out to unlock the characters missing from this guide we will update it. If you know how to unlock a character that’s not mentioned here, please do let us know in the comments!

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