Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How to beat Trilla Suduri

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order features a fair few boss battles, some of which are relatively straight-forward, but the battle against Trilla Suduri is one of its toughest. In this guide, I’ll talk you through how to defeat your foe.

Trilla is actually the final boss of the game, and you’ll have to fight her twice during the latter stages, although the first encounter acts more as a preview of the second encounter. This is a help for you, though, as it gives you some early practice against her before the main event. This first encounter takes place shortly after you exit the vault on Bogano, but you only have to get her down to about three-quarter health to complete the fight. Much like your fight against Malicos a short while before, your key to winning this encounter is going toe-to-toe with Trilla, deflecting her normal attacks, and avoiding her Strong Attacks. Her main Strong Attack in this first encounter is a thrust move where she tries to stab you with her lightsaber, but a well-timed step dodge will allow you to get a few hits in, and you don’t need to get many hits in to win this first encounter.


The second encounter, however, is much more difficult as she pulls out a whole bunch of new moves. For the most part, your method for victory is the same though – deflect normal attacks, avoid Strong Attacks, and get your own hits in when you get a chance. Trilla still uses the same moves from the first encounter, and when she does they provide your best opportunity to attack. Again like your fight with Malicos, I would recommend using your Split Lightsaber ability to attack when you get an opening to do maximum damage.


Like I said before though, Trilla pulls out some new moves in this encounter, and learning how to deal with them is your key to survival and success. She has a Strong Attack where she spins and slams the floor, causing it to reverberate towards you (much like in previous boss fights), and you need to Jedi Flip to avoid it. She sometimes performs this move even when you’re right next to her, so you need to be on your guard and ready to Jedi Flip at all times. She’ll also summon a Probe Droid to fight alongside her about halfway through the fight, and you’ll have to deflect two of its blaster bolts back at it to kill it while simultaneously dealing with Trilla. Once you hit it with the second blaster bolt it will try and get near to you ready for when it explodes, so use Force Slow on it to prevent it from getting near, and it may even do damage to Trilla when it blows up if you’re lucky. Trilla often combines the Probe Droid with her ground slam Strong Attack, so you’ll need to be ready to Jedi Flip and deflect the blasters at the same time, but she sometimes throws her lightsaber at you instead while the Probe Droid attacks, so you’ll have to be ready to deflect both.


Also watch out for her throwing her lightsaber at you, as she’ll often throw it at you a few times in a row, with the attack getting quicker each time. You need to deflect each of these saber throws, but remember that you need to react quicker each time. Trilla also has another Strong Attack where she jumps and tries to hit you with a downward strike, and it takes her a couple of seconds to recover from it if she misses, so dodge out of its way and then get a few hits in.


Other than that it’s all about deflecting those normal strikes, but they get a bit more unpredictable as the fight goes on. Trilla pulls out all kinds of spinning attacks and combos, but just keep your cool and you should be able to keep timing your deflects relatively easily. Also watch out for a new Strong Attack where she lunges at you from a distance away and tries to grab you into a Force Choke, which will cause significant damage if you get caught in it. Just side step this to dodge it and then get a hit in – remember, use your Split Lightsaber ability for maximum damage.


You’ll notice in all of these clips that Trilla can zoom towards you at any moment, no matter how far away from her you are, so remember that keeping your distance doesn’t mean you’re safe; stay on your toes and be ready to react at all times. Trilla will also start to drop flash grenades late on in the fight in an effort to blind you, but they’ll only affect your vision for a split second, so try not to panic or let them distract you too much. You should still be able to deflect most attacks while she’s dropping flash grenades, but if you find yourself blinded and clueless as to what’s going on then play safe and roll away.

Keep following all of these tips and you’ll eventually defeat Trilla. Disagree with any of these tips? Let us know in the comments below.



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