Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How to beat Taron Malicos

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order features a fair few boss battles, some of which are relatively straight-forward, but the battle against Taron Malicos on Dathomir is one of its toughest. In this guide, I’ll talk you through how to defeat your foe.

This boss fight is actually one of the most skill-heavy fights in the game, on account of the fact that you basically need to go toe to toe with your enemy and learn to deflect his attacks consistently. In the early stages of the fight, Malicos will favour a combo of three normal attacks, but once you get used to the timing of it it’s actually pretty easy to deflect all three strikes. Deflect all three every time he performs this combo and you’ll break his stamina bar and get some free hits in, and I’d strongly recommend using your Split Lightsaber ability during this opening to get as much damage in as possible. Learning to perfect this part is your key to winning this fight, as it will be your main source of dealing damage to Malicos.


He sometimes performs a Strong Attack as part of this combo where he swaps out the third strike for a double front flip followed by downward strikes with both lightsabers. When you see him go into his flips, step dodge to the side and then get a few hits of your own in to either lower Malicos’ stamina bar or health bar if his stamina is already low.


When you get Malicos down to about half health he’ll start using an attack where he throws one lightsaber into the air and then attacks you with the other. When he does this, deflect his attack and then he’ll use the Force to throw the other lightsaber at you – just deflect this too and it’ll go back to him, then just get ready for the next attack.


He pulls out a few more new moves during the rest of the fight. One of these is a double lightsaber throw where he throws both lightsabers at you one at a time then follows it up with the same double flip Strong Attack from earlier on. Deflect both lightsabers and then step dodge the Strong Attack (or roll), and follow it up with a strike or two if you can.


He also pulls out another Strong Attack during the latter stages where he jumps and spins in the air, slicing with his lightsabers. Again, you just need to get out of the way of this, so roll backwards or sideways to give yourself plenty of safe space and then get ready for the next attack.


In the second half of the fight you also need to watch out for an annoying move where he starts using the Force to pick up three rocks and throws them at you one at a time. This is very difficult to dodge, so the easiest way to deal with it is to react early and use your Force Push to throw the first one straight back at him, destroying the other two. If you don’t have any Force then you’ll need to try and create as much space between the two of you as you can and then dodge the rocks one at a time, but that is easier said than done.


You’ll also get a good opportunity to get a few hits in on a couple of occasions where you block one of Malicos’ attacks and get locked into a moment of mashing a button to prevent yourself taking damage. When this happens, mash the button and you’ll kick Malicos back and then Merrin will appear and cast some magic on him, forcing him to stagger backwards and giving you a great opportunity to get some hits in. Once again, I recommend using the Split Lightsaber ability to do some hefty damage.


The main key here is to perfect the timing of deflecting Malicos’ normal attacks to try and break his stamina bar so that you can get your own hits in. If you can learn to do that and consistently avoid his other attacks then you’ll find this fight relatively straight forward. If you miss a deflect at any point and start taking damage then just roll backwards to get out of Malicos’ way so that you avoid the rest of the combo and try again on the next attack. Don’t forget, if you need to heal at any point then use your Force Slow ability on Malicos before you pop a stim to give yourself a safe window of opportunity.

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