Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How to beat Gorgara

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order features a fair few boss battles, some of which are relatively straight-forward, but the battle against Gorgara on Dathomir is one of its toughest. In this guide, I’ll talk you through how to defeat your foe.

Gorgara is pretty intimidating on account of the fact that it’s a massive bat monster, but this boss fight is actually easier than it first appears if you know what you’re doing. Gorgara does a lot of damage if it hits you, and there’s absolutely no need to try and block anything, the key is simply to keep out of the way of its attacks and then attack the right areas when it’s vulnerable.

In the early stages, Gorgara often performs a Strong Attack where it swings at you, and you can easily roll backwards to avoid this. There’s also a diving headbutt which can be dodged in the same way, but this also provides you with a brief opportunity to get some hits in on the monsters head.


Other than that, what you’re looking out for during the first phase of the battle is a Strong Attack where Gorgara slams its wing into the ground and gets stuck there for a brief few seconds. When this happens, target the trapped wing and attack it. Once you’ve managed to attack the first wing (which is usually its left wing, right as you’re facing it), Gorgara will do the same attack with the other wing, so take your opportunity to attack that too. When you hit this second wing, Gorgara will stand upright and stagger backwards, and you’ll notice that it starts shimmering blue. When this happens, Force Pull it towards you which will allow you to attack its head again. Doing this will force it to fly away to the other side of the room, triggering the second phase of the fight.


When Gorgara lands, it will scream at you twice and the echo will reverberate toward you, dealing damage if you get caught by it – to avoid it just sprint sideways and it can’t hit you. Gorgara will then jump towards you and crash to the floor, sending the ground hurtling towards you, and you need to jump over this by performing a Jedi Flip. If you land close enough to Gorgara then you’ll have a brief window of opportunity to attack its head again, but don’t worry if not. Gorgara’s other new attack in this phase is a charge attack where it charges towards you twice in succession, but you can just roll of its way pretty easily. Gorgara performs all of these new attacks at numerous times throughout the fight, but your method of dealing with them will always be the same.


Other than learning to avoid these new attacks, the remainder of the fight plays out exactly the same as the first phase. Your goal is still to attack following the diving headbutt (which you can either dodge or block), to attack each wing, and to follow it up with a Force Pull and more blows to the head. The only other thing that changes later in to the fight is that Gorgara begins to smash the ground more regularly, sometimes twice in quick succession, so stay ready to perform your Jedi Flip when you need to. If you need to heal at any point then use your Slow ability on Gorgara before popping a stim. Keep following these tips and when you get Gorgara low on health the monster will retreat before you manage to kill it.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably watch Gorgara scurry away and think to yourself “oh bollocks, does that mean I’m going to have to fight it all over again later on?” but fear not, because that isn’t the case. The boss fight will carry on a short while later while you’re climbing outside, but it’s more of an interactive cutscene than an actual boss fight. You’re not really in any danger of dying during this part, the only thing you’ll need to perfect is landing on top of the monster when you fall from above, which will happen two or three times during this section. Don’t worry if you miss though, because you’ll instantly respawn and get another shot. Land on Gorgara a few times and the monster will eventually crash to the ground defeated.


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