How to beat Tokujiro the Glutton in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Tokujiro the Glutton is an optional mini-boss located in the Hidden Forest in the Ashina Depths in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Although he’s optional, you have to go past him one way or another, so we may as well take him out and earn ourselves a reward or two for our troubles.

You’ll come across Tokujiro the Glutton when you’re trying to find a way into the locked temple where you can hear somebody playing the flute. Backtracking slightly from the temple, you’ll see a ledge that you can grapple up to on the right hand side (when facing away from the temple), so grapple up here and you’ll find Tokujiro just a bit further along. If you happen to die and need to retry then you can get back to him pretty quickly without having to go through all of the enemies again; from the Hidden Forest Sculptor’s Idol, grapple along the trees past the chickens and on to the raised ledge where you found the NPC sat by a fire next to a buddha statue. Look directly opposite and you’ll see an opening that you can get to by jumping across a couple of branches. Head through this opening and you can hug the wall on your left and shimmy along to get back to Tokujiro without having to fight anyone.

Now that we’re stood on the ledge above Tokujiro, you’ll notice that he’s surrounded by monkeys; three right next to him and one with a gun on the raised ledge behind him. We need to take these out before we even consider taking the boss on, so take them all out from where you are with your Loaded Shuriken. Now that they’re gone we’re going to hit Tokujiro with a stealth deathblow to get rid of his first mark, so drop down from the ledge and turn immediately to your right and grapple on to the branch to get yourself to the raised ledge where the monkey with the gun was. Run straight forward and grapple on to the branch that’s sticking out from another ledge on the side of the cliff and wait it out on this ledge until the music stops, signifying that you’ve lost Tokujiro’s attention. Now grapple your way back to the raised ledge behind our gluttonous friend.


Now that we’re in position behind him, we can cut this fight in half by hitting Tokujiro with a stealth deathblow, taking his first mark and leaving us to only have to face him toe to toe once. The rest of this fight is pretty familiar, as Tokujiro’s attacks are the same as Juzou the Drunkard who you fought in the Hirata Estate earlier in the game.


Specifically, we need to Deflect his sword attacks until we break his Posture, so face up to him and get ready to Deflect. He does cause a fair bit of Posture damage to you too, so pay attention to your own Posture and back away if you need to, and don’t forget to get your own hits in when he’s not attacking. On occasion he’ll perform lunge attacks where he tries to either hit you with his palm or stamp his foot down on you; you can Deflect these if you like, or you can Step Dodge out of the way and get a hit of your own in. He also likes poison, which you’ll notice him taking a swig of every now and then – you can get a hit or two in while he’s drinking, but watch for when he spits poison out and back off accordingly. He also coats his sword with poison sometimes, and you’ll still be affected by it even if you Deflect, so you’re better to avoid him when he does this too. If you do get afflicted by poison, use an Antidote Powder to get rid of the effects.


He also has two Perilous/Red kanji attacks to look out for. The first is a swipe where he swings his sword from right to left, so jump over this and jump again when above him to perform a Jump Kick for some extra Posture damage. The second is a grab where he takes a big step forward and tries to grab you with his left hand, so move backwards out of the way and then get a couple of hits of your own in before he recovers.


Keep at this and you’ll wear him down and break his Posture, opening him up for that second, deadly Deathblow.


Killing him will reward you with a Prayer Bead, some Unrefined Sake, and a big chunk of experience points.



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