The Division 2’s lastest update adds new Gunner specialization

The latest update for Massive Entertainment’s The Division 2 is available to download now. Title Update 4 is the fourth major update for the popular loot-based shooter, adding an additional specialization to the game.

The Gunner specialization features a minigun as it’s signature, which also grants players an armour boost when the minigun is drawn. This armour boost is essential as the minigun can’t be used in cover, and players will not be able to roll or sprint whilst the weapon is equipped.

I had a quick blast with the minigun and found it to be rather fun to use. Signature weapons in the past have been a bit of a let down, especially given how ammo for them is so difficult to come by. The Gunner, however, has a perk that allows you to gain signature ammo by killing two enemies with one burst of the weapon. I found this to be pretty easy to achieve, meaning my minigun always had ammo.

Pulse Variant – Banshee is new to the Gunner Specialization and applies a confused effect to any enemy within its cone. This will even affect NPC’s in cover and can be charged up for even more power.

The new Gunner specialization will unlock automatically for Year 1 Pass owners, while everyone else will have to complete a number of in-game challenges to unlock it.

Outside of the new specialization, gear mods have been changed. Previously, lower level blue and purple generic gear mods were considered the best mods in the game, as they could be placed in a number of slots, offering higher weapon damage than that of their high-end, endgame counterparts. Generic mods will no longer fit in high-end gear, meaning their usefulness is now limited to levelling up characters. To compensate, Massive has removed System and Protocol mod-slots, meaning mods should now feel “more streamlined and easier to understand.”

For more information and the full patch notes for The Division 2’s Title Update 4, check out the Reddit thread here.



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