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The Division 2 introduces a whole host of changes to the game when compared to the first; these include quality of life changes, new content, and new mechanics, so even if you were a Division 1 pro you might find a few things in the second game that you don’t quite understand. We’ve spent countless hours playing The Division 2 here at BuffNerfRepeat, so we like to think we’re somewhat experts when it comes to being ‘good’ at the game, and you can benefit from our long play time by checking out our in-depth guides below:

The Division 2 tips – This guide is a general tips guide. It doesn’t just show you the basics though, it has some advanced tips for power players too, so check it out even if you think you know all there is to know about The Division 2.

The quickest way to gain XP in The Division 2 – Still not level 30 and at the end-game yet? No problem, check out this guide and we’ll show you the quickest way to gain that much-needed XP so you can experience the end-game, which is arguably the best part of the game.

How to get all 12 masks in The Division 2 – This guide explains how to unlock all 12 masks in The Division 2. They do take some time to unlock though and you will need to be at the end-game, so you should only really care about these if you have completed the game and have time to spare.

The best weapon talents in The Division 2 – In this guide Glen lists out the best talents you can get on weapons and for each slot i.e. active talents which are the talents used when actively using a weapon, holstered talents which are the talents used when your weapon is holstered and handling talents which increase your weapon handling stats such as stability and rate of fire.

How to reach gear score 500 quickly – In this guide Glen lays out the best way for you to gear up post world tier 5, the guide includes things you may already know as well as hidden secrets that will help you to get hold of some easy to obtain high end items so it’s well worth checking out.

We’re always making new guides, but if we’re missing a guide that you would like to see or if we’ve made an error then please do let us know in the comments and we will get it added or fixed.






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