Steam’s Winter Sale 2019 is live now until Thursday 2nd January 2020

Not to be outdone by Nintendo’s Festive Offers or Epic Games’ Holiday Sale, Steam has begun their Winter Sale 2019, which will run from now until Thursday 2nd January 2020.

As you would expect there are some big savings to be had as soon as you look at the sale’s home page – Dark Souls 3 is available for £9.99, representing a 75% saving, and you can also grab Fallout 4 for just £5.99. You can also get Codemasters’ racer F1 2019 for half price at £22.49, and Middle Earth: Shadow of War can be nabbed for £8.74, which is a quarter of its normal price. Also, if you’ve been waiting for all episodes of Life Is Strange 2 to release before checking it out then you’re in luck, as you can grab the Complete Season for just £15.98, which is 51% cheaper than usual.

There are also savings to be had on some massive titles: Red Dead Redemption 2 is discounted to £43.99, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is £45.64, and the 2019 Game of the Year, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is down from £49.99 to £32.43. Venturing further down the sale’s rabbit hole will lead you to even more big savings to be had on popular titles, such as Civilization VI for £12.49 (75% off), Mortal Kombat 11 for £19.99 (60% off), Devil May Cry 5 for £14.84 (67% off), and Planet Coaster for just £5.99 (80% off). If you happen to buy that last one then don’t forget to check out our Beginners Tips & Tricks guide for help with getting started.

The sale also sees the return of Festivity Tokens, which can be earned by buying games (each £1 spent = 131 Tokens) or completing Holiday Quests. These Festivity Tokens can then be spent on things like Chat Stickers and Chat Effects, or you can grab the Winter Sale Coupon for 5,000 Tokens, granting you £3.80 off your next purchase.

The Steam Winter Sale 2019 is live right now until Thursday 2nd January 2020, and you can check out all of the offers here.


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