Get Shadow Warrior 2 for free (Limited Time)

There’s nothing better than getting stuff for free, right? Especially games? Unless, of course, they’re free to play games full of paywalls and microtransactions. They can just f*** off.

Free games come and go pretty regularly, but this one is special. You can pick up Shadow Warrior 2 over at GOG for free right now. Be aware that it will only be free for the next 48 hours, so if you’re reading this on October 6th or later then save yourself a click and lock yourself in the toilet to sob for a while, because you’ve missed it.

Why is this game special, you ask? Well, it’s special because the game is awesome; it pulled in great reviews from almost everyone, scoring an 8.6 over at IGN and maintaining a 9/10 rating on Steam. I played it for many hours and enjoyed every minute. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to grab the free copy on GOG even though I already own it on Steam. You know, just in case I lose one copy – I might even revisit it and make a few videos for YouTube, we’ll see.

Check out some gameplay of Shadow Warrior 2 below:

Anyway, I should probably mention why GOG has decided to give the game away for free. It’s because it’s GOG’s 10th birthday, so happy birthday GOG and thanks for the free game (I always thought that you’re meant to receive gifts on your birthday rather than give them out).

It goes without saying, but this offer on GOG is only for the PC version of the game (especially seeing as GOG don’t sell console games), but if you’re interested in the game and you’re a console player then you can get hold of it on Xbox One or PS4 (you’ll have to pay for it though, I’m afraid) but it’s arguably not as good, as some elements are missing.






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