Free Play Days for All on Xbox One

Freebie hunters worldwide are celebrating as the Free Play Days for All event has begun on Xbox One.

From now until August 12th, Xbox One players can play the multiplayer component of absolutely any Xbox One game they own online via Xbox Live without an Xbox Live Gold Subscription.

What’s that you say? It’s the 21st Century and everybody and their dog who owns an Xbox One has an Xbox Live Gold Subscription? Well—you’re wrong—but fear not. Not only are all games playable without an Xbox Live Gold Subscription, but for this weekend only you can play two great games for free.

Codemasters adrenaline-fueled racer ONRUSH is one of these games, and the other one is only the mighty Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, including the nostalgia-inducing Morrowind expansion. Yes, that’s correct, you can play both of these games for absolutely bugger all from now until August 12th, so if I were you I’d stop wasting time on the internet reading games-related news articles and get on the Xbox One for some free gaming sessions while you can.

Do make sure to come back after though, won’t you?



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