‘The Boomsday Project’ Hearthstones lastest Expansion – Out Now

Hearthstones ninth expansion is here; ‘The Boomsday Project’ is live now in all regions and with it comes 135 new cards, with some truly unique effects.

The Boomsday project features:

  • 135 new cards – Mechs are returning and we’re getting Legendary spells.
  • A new Warrior playable hero card featuring Dr. Boom!
  • A new mechanic called Magnetic is being added to the game.
  • Projects are new spell cards with extremely powerful effects, but they help both players.
  • Omega Project – These cards are normal, but have a Battlecry that works when you have 10 Mana Crystals.
  • New PVE content called the “Puzzle Lab” is being added.

To wet your appetite, Blizzard are handing out three free packs to anyone who logs in, as well as one free legendary class card.

Expect a crazy few days on ladder, that is until the top players discover what decks and cards work best. As with previous expansions, it doesn’t take long before a new meta forms, so if you’re anything like me and you want to experiment with new cards without being punished by fine-tuned decks, log into hearthstone now and enjoy the expansion whilst everyone is in a creative mood!

“The Boomsday Project” follows “The Witchwood,”—the previous expansion released this April 2018—and is available now on PC, iOS and Android.






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