Wolfenstein 3 is Coming According to Bethesda

There’s been a few Wolfenstein spin-offs—including the VR game ‘Cyberpilot’—however, we haven’t had any word from Bethesda regarding the next installment for the main story – that is, until now.

Bethesda executive Pete Hines has officially said that Wolfenstein 3 is on the roadmap and will ‘absolutely’ happen, but don’t get too excited, they have no official release date for it yet. Bethesda are currently working on a Wolfenstein spin-off called ‘Youngblood’ (E3 teaser below) which will be releasing next year – there isn’t even a solid release date for this spin off yet, but we expect it to drop in the early part of next year.

Until Youngblood is released they will most likely not be spending much of their time on Wolfenstein 3, so at a guess we most likely won’t see the third installment until sometime in 2021 or possibly 2022. However, it’s good to know that the game will be coming, even if we don’t know when yet.

It’s not like anyone really had any doubts as to whether Wolfenstein 3 was ever going to happen; the second installment ‘Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus’ was met with praise by reviewers including ourselves – we scored it a massive 9 / 10 (full review here). It also returned a healthy profit for Bethesda, selling millions of copies and peaking at 4th in the sales chart in the UK. So really, we’re still in the same boat as before, even though we now officially know it’s going to happen, because we knew anyway – we just didn’t know when.

Pete Hines also briefly commented on Dishonored, hinting that the game isn’t ‘resting’ as originally thought, advising us not to ‘read too much into that’, he continued:

“Look, Arkane has two studios, they’re working on a number of things,” Hines explained. “That’s no different than [Bethesda boss] Todd Howard saying, ‘I’m gonna make a Fallout game and then I’m gonna make Starfield before I go back to TES6′”.

Bethesda has been one of the most exciting studios in recent years, we just wish their games didn’t take so long to make, but let’s be honest, they’re usually worth the wait.







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