Wargroove will have cross-play

Wargroove, the turn-based tactics game by Chucklefish, will feature cross-play when it launches for PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on Friday 1st February, the developer has announced.

Chucklefish announced the news via Twitter:

This news will be music to the ears of players who are planning to buy the game on a different platform than their friends, and it will also mean that online play should have pretty quick matchmaking, as there will be a much bigger pool of players available to be matched together. Wargroove will support both co-op and competitive PvP multiplayer for up to four players, both online and locally.

The PS4 version of Wargroove will be released at a currently announced later date, and it remains to be seen whether cross-play will be supported for Sony’s console too. Of course, Sony has been very reluctant to get involved with the whole cross-play thing for as long as the discussion has been going on, but they are showing signs of giving in to player pressure, having recently enabled cross-play for Rocket League.

Wargroove will release on Friday 1st February for PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. A PS4 release will come at a later date.

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