Ubisoft promises to fix Ghost Recon Breakpoint

It’s safe to say that Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been a bit of a disaster for Ubisoft. Not only has it been widely panned by critics, but it has also absolutely flopped sales wise, so badly that it has caused Ubisoft to delay a further three AAA games until its next financial year.

Now, Ubisoft has promised to make Breakpoint better in a message to players:

“We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts about the game. And while these first weeks have been rougher than expected, we are taking your feedback to heart. We deeply care about this game, the Ghost Recon franchise and you, our community of players, and are committed to improving it.”

To that end, Ubisoft outlined a number of steps that they will take to improve things. The first of those steps is to fix a number of technical issues, which include glitches relating to drone deployment, changing fire rate, and night vision goggles blocking crosshairs. Ubisoft is promising to fix a number of these issues in title update 1.0.3 in mid-November, and will then release another title update at the end of November to make further improvements.

From there, Ubisoft is still focused on providing players with a healthy dose of post-launch content to keep players interested. The first bit of post-launch content will be the games first ever raid, Project Titan, which players can expect in December, and that will be followed by the games The Terminator Live Event which will arrive shortly after. No specific dates are available for either of those as of yet, but Ubisoft says that they will give specific details “at a later stage”.

Ubisoft are also looking at the games in-game economy following noticeable furore over the games implementation of microtransactions. To this end, Ubi say that they have “heard criticism regarding the in-game economy” and are therefore “currently working to make adjustments according to players’ feedback in the next few weeks, making the experience for players more comfortable”. AI Teammates are also on the way, but Ubisoft says that this is a “major undertaking” which will “still require time”. Once again, Ubi is promising to update players on this feature further down the line.

Ubisoft also spoke about giving players more freedom of choice over how they experience the game, pointing to feedback which suggests that some players would like the games survival mechanics to have more impact on the game while other players don’t like the tiered loot progression. To this note, Ubi says that they are working on “a more radical and immersive version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint” which will “let you tailor your experience to the way you want to enjoy the game”. Yet again, Ubi says that it’s “too early to share details on how that will work”, but promised to “keep you update as we progress”.

Ubisoft has got a long way to go to claw back some good favour among players over Ghost Recon Breakpoint, but it’s good to see them voice their intentions at least. That being said, maybe they should have worked harder on the game and considered their player base more in the first place.

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