The Sims 4’s Discover University expansion announced

EA has officially announced The Sims 4 Discover University, the latest expansion pack for the popular life simulation game.

The expansion will launch for PC and Mac on Friday 15th November, before arriving on PS4 and Xbox One a month later on Tuesday 17th December (just in time for Christmas!). With Discover University, players will be able to take their Sim through college life, and their performance will affect how successful they are in their future career. A bit like real life then, who would have thought it?

First off, players will have to decide whether to send their Sim off to the “historical” University of Britechester or the “modern” Foxbury Institute. Once that’s done, players will be able to choose from a large selection of classes, including the likes of Biology, Computer Science, or Villainy, which I don’t recall being taught at my school. Once you’ve selected which class you want to get involved with, your Sim will have to attend lectures, work on term papers, and give presentations, which sounds insanely dull.

If, like me, you think that sounds incredibly boring, then your Sim can bunk off from lectures to engage in “extra-curricular activities”, which include the likes of juice pong (no virtual beer pong here, unfortunately), hanging out with friends, or joining school organizations such as art class or the debate team, and there’s also a secret society that you can join if you can find out how. Remember, bunking off from classes and ignoring your work will affect your Sims performance, which will ultimately affect their career success later on in life. If you want a successful Sim then you better focus on your work!

Outside of all of the boring education-y stuff, you’ll also have your own dorm room (if you want) which you’ll be able to customize with a whole range of new decorative items, and there will also be a number of new clothing items to check out too. The expansion will also add a bike to allow your Sim to easily explore the university campus, which will feature a number of areas such as a student common room to chill out in or a library where you can conduct study sessions.

The Sims 4 Discover University expansion releases for PC and Mac on Friday 15th November before launching for Xbox One and PS4 on Tuesday 17th December. This should go without saying, but please remember that you do need the base game to play it.

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