Borderlands 3’s ‘Bloody Harvest’ event starts on Thursday

Borderlands 3 is the latest in a long list of games to get a Halloween event – it’s called Bloody Harvest, and it all kicks off on Thursday 24th October.

Running until Thursday 5th December (which is a pretty long time for a Halloween-themed event), Bloody Harvest will add a new area, new enemies, a new boss, and new loot. When the event begins, a new NPC called Maurice will appear on your ship, offering you a new repeatable mission that revolves around collecting Hecktoplasm from new Haunted enemies that can be found throughout the galaxy during the event. Once you’ve collected enough Hecktoplasm, Maurice will transport you to a new spooky area called Heck, where you’ll be tasked with fighting through an army of new undead enemies until you reach the new boss, Captain Haunt, a noticeably more boney version of Captain Traunt.

Killing enemies in Heck will give you a chance to get your hands on some of the new loot, which include a new Legendary shotgun called Fearmonger which “packs a supernatural punch”. There’s also a bunch of new cosmetic items which can be unlocked by completing a new set of Challenges that are exclusive to the event. These cosmetic items include new character skins, an ECHO Device Skin, a Weapon Trinket, and a Global Weapon Skin. Check them all out in the trailer below:

Borderlands 3’s ‘Bloody Harvest’ event begins on Thursday 24th October and runs until Thursday 5th December on all platforms.



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