The Infinity Blade is coming to Fortnite

As the first patch as part of Season 7 approaches, the official Fortnite Twitter account appears to have indicated that swords are coming to the game.

The short teaser doesn’t give away too much, but it does show somebody pulling a sword out of the ground in a snow-covered area of the map. It’s all very “Sword in the Stone”, but anybody expecting to see King Arthur or Merlin will be disappointed, as eagle-eyed players have noticed that this doesn’t look like any ordinary sword, it looks remarkably like the Infinity Blade from the mobile game of the same name, which was, of course, developed by Epic themselves. Bloody love a tie-in, I do. Check out the Tweet and the teaser below:

It’s not yet known how the sword will be integrated into the game; it could be a weapon that is added to the game as a regular melee weapon, or it could feature in a similar vein to how Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet featured earlier this year. We’ll find out more when the patch releases later this week.



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