The first free Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC is out now

I criticised Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in my review for being too big (it still seems strange saying that), I felt like there wasn’t enough variety in the game considering the size of it, which led to the game getting a bit repetitive. Now, the game is getting even bigger.

This first DLC includes a new quest line as well as some much-needed quality of life improvements:

Odyssey’s Lost Tales of Greece

This is a new series of quest lines that—according to Ubisoft—will be added regularly and for free over time. The first quest line is available to play now and is titled ‘The Show Must Go On’. It is set in Elis region and the recommended level for the quest is 34; you must have also finished chapter 5 in the game before it becomes available.

It will be interesting to see where these quest lines go; if it’s just more of the same it will be extremely disappointing.

Quality of Life Improvements

As well as the addition of the new quest line, there is plenty of quality of life improvements:

  • Auto crafting of arrows when you have the materials
  • The cost of gear upgrades has been decreased – this is a much-welcomed change and should mean you don’t have to grind as much for the required materials
  • Successful Naval Boardings will now auto loot rather than creating a floating object which you have to manually loot
  • Economic rewards for Mercenary tiers have been increased
  • You can now view detailed character statistics, which will help you make more informed decisions when choosing your gear (as pictured below)

There’s more quality of life improvements listed in the full patch notes on Reddit.

The lack of an increased level cap might annoy some fans of the game that have already hit 50 and don’t want to complete any more quests or activities in case they lose the XP. However, a ‘New Game Plus’ mode is on the roadmap, so maybe the increased level cap will come then.

As well as the updates listed above, there have also been various bugs fixes: such as broken animations, quest issues and problems with the AI acting strangely. These are, of course, all welcome additions to the game; Ubisoft is usually really good at supporting their games, so it’s good to see this trend continue, though maybe they could spend a bit more time to get things right before release rather than releasing a game riddled with bugs and glitches.

Regardless, this is a hefty list of bug fixes. There are still a few more bugs to go, but the game is in a much better place now.



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