The Epic Games Store take aim at Steam and change their refund policy

Epic have just updated their refund policy to bring it more in line with Steams offering, which means users are now able to get a refund for any game within 14 days of purchase as long as the play time for the game is below 2 hours. This is a great change as there are some games that just don’t run well on certain PC’s, and of course you’ll know within 2 hours if you’re going to like the game or not.

The refund policy was one of the major benefits Steam had over the Epic store, but now that benefit is gone all that remains is user reviews (which Epic has said they are working on) and a more diverse marketplace which is, of course, being worked on all of the time.

Epic really are going to great lengths to take users away from Steam, from the 4 free games per month (all of which have been superb games so far) to exclusive releases such as the collaboration between Epic and Ubisoft for The Division 2 release, which will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store (of course it will be on Ubisoft’s own store uPlay too).

So far we’ve been really impressed with the quality of games that Epic are listing on their store, maybe they will continue with the hand-picked games rather than following in Steams footsteps and allowing anyone to add any game at any time. Personally, I don’t think that’s such a bad idea; sure, their library will be smaller but at least you won’t have to weave through loads of crap to find a hidden gem. Regardless, with the better developer split, exclusive games, free games and now a better refund policy, Steam should be worried.







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