Take a look at Battlefield V’s multiplayer launch maps

With just a few weeks to go until release, DICE has taken to YouTube to give us all a sneak preview of the eight maps that will be available to play on Battlefield V at launch, as well as the first new map that will become available as part of the first chapter of Tides of War.

We already experienced the excellent Rotterdam and Narvik during our time with the Battlefield V beta, and the other maps on offer look like they will provide an interesting mix of gameplay. Twisted Steel will feature “the biggest structure ever created for a Battlefield game”—namely a partly destroyed steel bridge in France—and looks as though it will feature a lot of infantry-based combat down the narrow stretch of the bridge. In another French-based map, Arras, players will battle on foot and in vehicles around a small town that will feature a church that provides sightlines of the entire map, which is sure to be a go-to spot for snipers and could be a massive pain in the Arras for the rest of us.

Elsewhere, Fjell 652 will take place on snow-covered mountains in Norway and will feature “extreme dynamic weather”, which could make fighting a bloody war interesting. It looks like planes will be a prominent feature of this map and will probably play an important role in deciding who wins the battle.

Hamada and Aerodrome will take players to North Africa—with the latter of the two taking place on a bombed-out airfield that features a central hanger that could well end up being an area of complete chaos and mayhem—while the infantry-focused Devastation will see players battling in the ruins of Rotterdam following the earlier conflicts.

Finally, the video also gives us a glimpse of the first post-launch map, Panzerstorm, which will take place in the Belgian countryside and will be inspired by the first major tank battle of the second world war.

Battlefield V releases worldwide on November 20th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.



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