Splatoon 2’s final content update will come in December

Nintendo has released details of the upcoming final content update for Splatoon 2, and we now know that it will be arriving on December 5th.

The update, known as Version 4.3.0, will add eight new weapons, including the Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau, Nautilus 79, Custom Exsplosher, and Bloblobber Deco. The other four weapons, which will be from the Kensa Collection, have been kept a mystery.

Two new abilities are also coming to the game in the update. Bomb Defense Up DX will be a combination of the existing Bomb Defense Up and Cold-Blooded abilities, while the second new ability, Main Power Up, will improve your main weapon. The improvement that you gain will vary depending on your weapon, such as increased ink coverage for the Aerospray MG or increased damage for the Splat Roller. Main Power Up will give the Heavy Splatling increased duration of firing in a burst, while the Undercover Brella will get faster Brella canopy regeneration. The Splattershot will gain increased shot accuracy when firing while jumping, and the Inkbrush will get slightly increased movement speed while inking.

Although this is the final new-content update for Splatoon 2, the game will continue to get balance updates and Splatfests until next year.



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