Sea of Thieves update adds Fort of the Damned

Sea of Thieves has received another sizeable update, adding the Fort of the Damned to the swashbuckling adventure game just in time for Halloween.

The update has covered Old Boot Fort in fog and made it distinctly more sinister-looking, transforming it into the Fort of the Damned. Here, players can trigger a battle against challenging enemy skeletons culminating in a major boss battle, giving successful players access to “vast riches” as a reward.

To trigger the fight, players will first have to collect the Flames of Fate and Ritual Skulls. The Flames of Fate are acquired from the Ferry of the Damned, with each new colour being acquired by dying in a particular way, such as by shark, skeleton, or player damage. Ritual Skulls, meanwhile, can be acquired in a number of ways: by completing Duke’s new “Skullseeker voyages” which will reward you with a treasure map that leads you to a Ritual Skull; by killing a Skeleton Captain that you find roaming around the world; or by simply buying a treasure map from Duke’s Black Market if you have enough gold in reserve.

Once your crew has gathered the Flames of Fate and a Ritual Skull, you’ll have to travel to the Fort of the Damned, light all of the lanterns that are being held by statues using the Flames of Fate, and then offer up your Ritual Skull to a noticeably skull-less skeleton to begin the battle. Once you’ve completed Fort of the Damned you’ll be able to spend your vast treasures on a massive selection of new cosmetic items, ranging from character outfits, ship cosmetics, hair dyes, pets, emotes, and even a new banjo.

Interestingly, while it would be easy to presume that Fort of the Damned is a limited-time event for Halloween, it is actually a permanent addition to the game, and there’s also a new Duo Sloop Arena mode for teams of two. There’s also a whole bunch of quality of life changes and bug fixes, all of which can be read about here.

Sea of Thieves ‘Fort of the Damned’ update is available now.

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