Sea of Thieves’ Tall Tales gets a new trailer

Sea of Thieves’ Anniversary Update is due to be released on Tuesday 30th April, and one of the main components of the update, Tall Tales, has a new trailer.

Tall Tales will be a series of “narrative adventures” that will be introduced to the game, allowing players to delve “deeper into the lore of our favourite pirate paradise”. Shores of Gold will be the first part of Tall Tales, and Rare promises that “fans of the expanded game universe will recognise some of the iconic character and locations” that feature, and players can also expect to encounter all-new enemies and traps as they “embark upon a story-driven adventure into long-lost legends and mysteries”. Rare says that you’ll “wield wondrous artefacts, pit your wits against puzzles and face down truly fearsome guardians as you follow this trail of Tall Tales”. Check out the Indiana Jones-esque trailer below:

Tall Tales looks like just the kind of content that players were expecting when Sea of Thieves released last year. In reality, this kind of story-driven PvE content was sorely missing from the game and caused most players to move on, but this trailer may well be enough to lure a large number of players back to the game, myself included. The update will also add a number of other major changes to the game, including the introduction of the long-awaited competitive PvP mode, The Arena, which will see crews battling it out to collect the most treasure.

Sea of Thieves’ Anniversary Update looks set to completely revamp the game, and could well turn Sea of Thieves into the game it could have been at launch, rather than the glorified demo that it unfortunately turned out to be. Sea of Thieves’ Anniversary Update will release free to all players on Tuesday 30th April.



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