RimWorld will finally release on October 17th after 5 years of early access

I’ve been a fan of RimWorld for many years. It wasn’t until Ludeon Studios announced the ‘full’ release date of RimWorld that I realised just how long I’ve actually been playing for. 5 years, it’s been in early access for 5 long years – how time flies when you’re having fun.

Over the 5 years of early access there have been tonnes of new features, items and modes added to the game – it’s been a pleasure being part of the game thus far and it’s good to see it finally getting an actual release date, though I feel like this is mere procedure rather than needing it, RimWorld has been a stable and enjoyable game for years.

Ludeon Studios announced the release date (October 17th) in a blog post on their website and on Steam, and they also said that along with the full release of RimWorld 1.0 there will be an update that will introduce a ‘food restriction system’ which allows players to “determine what [their] colonists and prisoners are allowed to eat”. This is a welcomed addition as at present you have to store things in separate stockpiles and lock them in order to stop your greedy colonists taking what is not theirs to take. As well as the new food restriction system there will of course be the usual round of bug fixes.

As they are preparing the game for a full launch and will most likely be fixing bugs for a while after launch, we don’t expect to see any major changes to the game for some time after the release. In fact, the founder of Ludeon Studios has said that he has no specific plans, but he is considering “a variety of interesting directions to go with the game”. What I would like to see is them taking the base game of RimWorld and modifying it for different scenarios, similar to Prison Architect which has taken a fair amount of inspiration from RimWorld.

If you haven’t played RimWorld before we would suggest picking it up if you’re a fan of building and survival games or if you’re a fan of Prison Architect. It also runs flawlessly on older laptops and PC’s, so if you’re struggling to find a game to run on your wooden PC then check it out. As a side note, we wrote an article detailing other great PC games that will run on older machines if RimWorld isn’t your type of game. You’re welcome.

Anyway, we would like to congratulate Ludeon Studios on creating such a great game and it’s good to finally see it get its 1.0 release date.






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