Rainbow Six Siege Free Play Weekend

Rainbow Six Siege Free Again this Weekend

Rainbow Six Free-ge.

Okay, I’m sorry for that terrible terrible joke, but stick with me, this is news that you’ll want to hear.

Ubisoft is offering players a chance to try Rainbow Six Siege again this weekend across all platforms. That means that whether you play on PC, Xbox One or PS4 you get complete access to the whole game with no restrictions. Great, eh?

One thing I must say is that I wish my weekends lasted as long as Ubisoft’s apparently do, as the free “weekend” will last from Thursday 16th August until Monday 20th August. The freebie will roll out on Thursday at different times on each platform, as follows (UK timezone):

Xbox One: 8:01am (shouldn’t you be getting ready for work?)
PS4: 2:00pm (shouldn’t you be at work?)
PC: 6:00pm (are you seriously going to go on that bloody game as soon as you get home from work?)

All times are UK time

If you decide to give the game a try and then fancy making the full purchase, I can confirm that your progress in the free weekend WILL carry over to the full game. Bloody marvellous.

This free weekend will take place at the same time as the first ever Rainbow Six Major Championship, an event which will also see the reveal of Operation Grim Sky, a new content update that will add two new operators and also see a reworking of the Hereford Base map.

If there was ever a weekend to get into Rainbow Six, it has to be this one, right?





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