PUBG Lite arrives in Europe next month

PUBG Lite, a dialled down version of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) will be released as a free-to-play standalone title next month.

A free-to-play version of PUBG has been rumoured for quite some time, given the success of other F2P battle royale shooters like Fortnite and Apex Legends. It’s long seemed like a logical move for developer and publisher PUBG Corporation to move PUBG into the F2P market.

The open beta is now being released after a successful trial period in Thailand and South East Asian countries earlier this year. Europeans will gain access to the beta on Thursday 10th October, but as of yet there has been no word on a planned release in America.

PUBG Lite, as it’s now known (formally PUBG Project Thai), will be a lower-spec version of the game, which will allows users with less powerful Laptops and PCs to run the game. These lowered system requirements are the major difference between PUGB Lite and the normal ‘Full’ version of the game, however some additional content will feature.

4v4 mode will add a unique game mode where four squads of four players battle it out in a “deserted warehouse surrounded by old shipping containers and vehicles, allowing each of the teams the chance to skillfully outmaneuver each other on their quest to become the first squad with 40 eliminations”.

No F2P battle royale shooter would be complete without various season and battle passes, and PUBG is of course no exception. The game will come with a free Lite Pass, which provides “completable missions” for rewards.

Paid for passes will come in the form of a Lite Pass: Premium, as well as a Lite Pass Premium Plus. These passes will no doubt reward players with much cooler and sought-after in-game items. Collector’s Crates and Special Crates will also be available for purchase using a new in-game currency.

PUBG Lite gets its European launch on Thursday 10th October.



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