PS4 Has Just Surpassed 80 Million Units Sold

PS4 or Xbox? Whichever you prefer, console sales of either is a good thing for gaming in general; it means there’s more gamers which in turn means companies will be hard at work making even better games to try and milk us of all of our hard-earned money.

So now that’s cleared up, Sony has revealed that in the last quarter, PS4 sales have broken the 80 million mark (82.2 million to be exact). That’s some feat and by the end of its life Sony’s latest console will most definitely overtake the PS3 in terms of sales and possibly even the PS1, though it’s doubtful it will ever reach PS2 numbers.

Sony announced the news via its Q1 FY2018 figures report, where they stated that between April and June 3.2 million units were sold; this is of course down on the previous year and is expected to continue dropping as it edges towards the end of it’s life (2020 maybe?) but regardless, the drop-off rate of new sales is much better than the PS3 during similar periods.

As well as console sales, game sales have been rocketing for Sony since the release of God of War and other hit titles, with software sales up by a staggering 36% to 472.1 billion yen compared to 348.1 billion yen last year.

Software sales should continue to rise as the year progresses, as their E3 lineup was particularly impressive this year with some big titles on the way including The Last of Us Part II and our personal favorite, Spider-Man. So far the PS4 has been a massive success for Sony which was much needed as they were—at one point—having financial issues; let’s hope they continue the trend into the next generation, whenever that may be.







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