Prison Architect

Prison Architect Gets Multiplayer

It wasn’t even on the roadmap, no one knew it was coming, it just appeared out of nowhere. Prison Architect has received a multiplayer update. I’ll let that sink in.

Before you get too excited about running a prison with friends, it’s important to note that this is currently in beta/alpha stage, so you have to sign up to the beta program within steam (really easy to do). We’ve have a few hours in multiplayer and so far it looks great – there are a lot of things missing and not working at the moment as you would expect from a beta/alpha gamemode, especially on a game that wasn’t even supposed to have multiplayer in the first place, but once fully complete we can see it being a lot of fun.

It wasn’t long ago that Prison Architect was brought to the Nintendo Switch which gave the game full coverage across all platforms, and it was only last week that we announced the game would be included with Games with Gold on the Xbox this month, so we would suggest grabbing it while it’s free as if the multiplayer goes well on the PC it will inevitably make its way to the console ports.

Prison Architect was Introversion Software’s first real break in the games industry after releasing a few good-but-low-sales games before it. Since the release of Prison Architect, Introversion has been supporting it well and sales have been impressive.



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