New Battlefield V Trailer Reveals More Details

Recently we heard news that Battlefield V has been delayed until November 20th – sad times. Today, we got early access to the Battlefield V open beta – good times. Now, DICE has dropped a new trailer for Battlefield V that reveals even more details about the game – great times.

In the six minute long narrated video, we found out details about every way of playing Battlefield V.

The single player portion of the game will again focus on war stories, much like Battlefield 1 did. An image from the trailer shows four stories available at launch; Prologue, Nordlys, Tiralleur and Under No Flag, with a fifth—The Last Tiger—showing as available post-launch. Nordlys will be a Norwegian resistance story, whilst Under No Flag will feature a British criminal having the chance to use his “unique skills” behind enemy lines in North Africa.

The trailer also touched on the new games-as-a-service feature, Tides of War, which will be free to everyone (and therefore is replacing the Premium Pass). Players can look forward to a themed chapter, The Fall of Europe, arriving just after launch, with a second chapter scheduled for early 2019 – this as-yet-untitled chapter will feature an Axis vs Resistance battle in Greece.

We also got more details about Battlefield V’s take on a battle-royale mode (have you heard that battle-royale games are popular these days?), which we now know will be called Firestorm. Firestorm will support 64 players which will be split into 16 squads of 4, meaning in Battlefield’s version of battle-royale you will be fighting to be the last squad standing rather than the last man standing. Firestorm will take place on Battlefield’s “largest ever map”.

The trailer also touches on the new fortifications system, as well as the improved player movement and enhanced destruction. You can watch the trailer below.

Battlefield V’s open beta runs from September 6th-September 11th.





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