Prey is getting a multiplayer expansion next week

Prey, the survival horror first-person shooter that was developed by Arkane Studios and released in 2017, is getting a multiplayer expansion next week.

The multiplayer mode will be titled Typhon Hunter, and it will be added to the game on December 11th. In Typhon Hunter, one player will take control of Morgan Yu—the protagonist from the single player story—while another five players will take on the role of Mimics, one of the various types of the alien lifeforms known as the Typhon that the player encounters during the story. Anybody who has played through the story of Prey will know that Mimics have the ability to disguise themselves as any item (although, even if you haven’t played Prey, the clue is in the name) and they enjoy jumping out at you when you get up close.

Well, Typhon Hunter will be no different; the player that takes control of Morgan Yu will be tasked with hunting down and killing all Mimics before the timer runs out using nothing more than a wrench or a pistol, while the players that are in control of the Mimics will be able to hide in plain sight, disguising themselves as any item then jumping out on Morgan when he gets up close. Mimics have the choice of either waiting it out until the timer runs down, or turning the hunter into the hunted and trying to take Morgan down. Yes, playing as a Mimic does sound more fun than playing as Morgan; scaring the shit out of somebody is always great fun. Typhon Hunter will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Also available in the update for PS4 and PC players will be TranStar VR, a single-player escape room mode designed exclusively for VR. TranStar VR will be set a few days before the events of Preys single-player story, and will see players take control of a number of various TranStar employees in numerous different scenarios, tasked with solving puzzles in a few memorable locations on Talos I, namely the Yellow Tulip, the Sim Labs, and Morgan’s Office.

Typhon Hunter VR will also be added to the game in early 2019, allowing the VR-loving players among us to experience the new Typhon Hunter mode in virtual reality, which could require a few extra pairs of underwear. Typhon Hunter will be available for free to all players who either own the Digital Deluxe Edition of Prey (which contains all updates) or bought the Mooncrash expansion that launched back in June.

You can read all about the update here.

If you haven’t played Prey then I highly recommend it. Although it has a pretty clichéd story, it’s a memorable single-player experience that is both fun and downright frightening at times (particularly that bloody Nightmare), and it’s open world style makes the game more immersive than other first-person shooters. I really enjoyed Prey, and this new update will give you even more for your money.



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