PlayStation’s next episode of State of Play scheduled for next week

Sony has announced that the third episode of State of Playtheir semi-regular livestream for PlayStation related newswill air on Tuesday 24th September.

The livestream is scheduled for 1pm PT/4pm ET/9pm BST, and players will be able to tune in via Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. The show will run for “around 20 minutes” and will be sporting “a fresh new look” according to Sony’s blog post on the matter. Although there is no official information on exactly what will be included during the stream, Sony is promising “great news to share with you, including new game reveals, new content from PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios, and a host of other updates”.

Despite the fact that there are no specifics, many players are speculating that there will be some more information on The Last of Us Part 2 during the stream. Naughty Dog are also holding a press event for The Last of Us Part 2 on Tuesday, so it would make sense for it to also feature during State of Play.

One thing that we know for sure won’t be included is any information on Sony’s next console, with the blog post warning players in advance not to get their hopes up:

“Oh, and it probably bears mentioning: Don’t expect any updates related to our next-gen plans in this episode.”

A double bluff maybe? Doubtful.

The third episode of State of Play will air at 1pm PT/4pm ET/9pm BST on Tuesday 24th September. If you’re not able to tune in then don’t worry, we’ll be bringing you all of the important news to come out of the stream.

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