PlayStation Retro Sale now on

The new PlayStation Retro games sale has launched over on the PSN store. The sale has only just started and is set to run until Wednesday 2nd October, so if retro gaming is your thing check out what the sale has to offer here.

As you can see, the sale features a whole host of classic titles at much lower prices than usual. Complete collections of games are also featured; the Jak and Daxter titles, for example, are all available with a massive 45% off.

Talking of games collections, if you’ve ever wanted to go back and play any of the older Grand Theft Auto titles then this sale could give you the encouragement you needed to do so. GTA: The Trilogy, Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA III are all discounted by a massive 48% currently, meaning you can steal for a steal. Sorry…

PaRappa the Rapper

The PaRappa The Rapper games and the legendary Resident Evil series are also heavily involved in the sale, with the latter having no fewer than eight titles being discounted. All three PaRappa games can be picked up with up to 60% off, and if you like rhythm games then why not also check out the excellent Patapon Remastered for 45% off?

Other notable titles include the fantastic Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle. Dark Cloud was one of my favourite PlayStation 2 RPG’s of all time, with many of it’s gameplay features appearing in more recent games of it’s type.

The PSN Retro Sale is live until Monday 2nd October.



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