Players will soon be able to create their own flyable battleship in Warframe

One of the most content rich games currently available is about to get a new update.

Coming to Warframe later this year, the update is titled ‘Empyrean’ and will bring with it the ability for players to build their very own battleships and head to the stars to take part in multiplayer co-op space battles. Before this, however, Digital Extremes are allowing players to prepare for the future space battles in the soon-to-be-released Rising Tide update, which should be launching any time now (possibly in the next week).

A prerequisite for getting your own battleship is having your own ‘Dry Dock’, which you can begin building when Rising Tide is released. You’ll need to gather resources in order to build the dock, and when built it will provide you with “an all-in-one workshop and garage” which is where you will begin to assemble your new ‘Railjack’ ship (which is a battleship in English). You won’t be able to fly it right away though, well at least not until the Empyrean update drops, and only then will you be able to customise the ship with new weapons, mods, and parts.

The one concern here is that we don’t know exactly how many resources are needed to build the Dry Dock, which means we don’t know if it’s even going to be possible for solo players to grind the materials needed, which is a problem we’ve seen in the past. You can check out the reveal trailer for Rising Tides below (although it doesn’t exactly reveal much):

As well as introducing the Dry Dock, the Rising Tides update will also feature a number of upgrades to Tenno’s ship (AKA the Liset) including upgraded visuals, a star gazing window, new machines, and more. There will also be some new premium items added to the store including ‘ethereal’ weapons, cosmetics, and a new Equinox Antonym Collection which includes a Antonym Skin, the signature Circadian Syandana and signature Astreos Sword and Shield Skin.

As mentioned earlier, the Empyrean update will be launching later this year (so within the next month or so) but the Rising Tides update is imminent; there’s a developer stream tonight which may indicate an exact release day (or they may even launch it tonight). Digital Extremes showed off the spaceship building part of Empyrean earlier this year at TennoLive 2019, which you can watch below:

All in all the update looks as though it’s going to add tonnes of new content to the game and will allow players to have a break from the regular boots on the ground combat which Warframe is so well known for.



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