Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How to beat The Ninth Sister

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order features a fair few boss battles, some of which are relatively straight-forward, but the battle against The Ninth Sister on the Wookie planet of Kashyyyk is one of its toughest. In this guide, I’ll talk you through how to defeat your foe.

For the most part, this is a battle about patience. If you’re skilled enough then you need to parry normal attacks to work away at The Night Sister’s block bar and roll out of the way of Strong Attacks, and get an odd hit or two in when the chance arises to work away at her health bar. In the early stages of the fight, The Ninth Sister will favour a two-to-three hit combo of normal attacks which can be blocked (just dodge backwards if you’re not confident at blocking) and a jumping Strong Attack which usually comes directly after she Force Pushes you backwards. Dodging this Strong Attack gives you a great opportunity to get a hit or two in, so do so and then get ready to dodge or block again. Don’t get greedy, just get your couple of hits in and then wait for the next attack. You can see an example of what I’m talking about below:


Keep plugging away at her like this and you’ll be forced into a moment of mashing the X button which leads you into the second phase of the fight. In this second phase, The Ninth Sister brings a few new moves to the table to go alongside those from the first phase. The key in this phase is to keep following the steps from the first phase and learn how to avoid her new attacks. These new attacks include a Strong Attack where she tries to downward strike you with her lightsaber (dodge backwards), a Strong Attack where she spins her lightsaber around (dodge backwards), a Strong Attack where she charges towards you (dodge sideways), and another attack where she steps backwards and throws her lightsaber at you in a boomerang motion (block the lightsaber to send it back at her, causing a small amount of damage). Perfect avoiding/blocking these attacks and keep getting your hits in when you get a chance. You can see examples of all of this below:


Keep following these steps and chipping away at her health and eventually you’ll end up in the third phase of the fight, where she once again adds a few more moves to her arsenal. In this phase, The Ninth Sister’s Strong Attack where she charges at you is always immediately followed up with another charge, so be prepared to dodge twice. Her downward strike Strong Attack is also normally followed up immediately by a flurry of normal attacks and another Strong Attack, so just dodge backwards and then keep well out of her way. She also performs a new Strong Attack where she punches the ground and sends it hurtling toward you – to dodge this you need to perform a Jedi Flip (jump then jump again when in the air) to jump over the top of it, and if you move toward The Ninth Sister while jumping you may have time to get a strike of your own in. Again, an example of all of this can be seen below:


All you need to do is keep following these steps and chipping away at The Ninth Sister’s health when you get a chance; it really is all about dodging Strong Attacks and blocking normal attacks, and if you’re not confident blocking then you can just learn to dodge all of her attacks. Wait until you’re behind The Ninth Sister before you try and get a hit in to avoid her blocking your attack, and only go for a couple of hits at a time. Keep patient and you’ll wear her health bar down until you defeat her. If you need to heal at any point then pick your moments wisely – either wait until she performs her jumping Strong Attack, dodge it, and then heal rather than attacking, or wait until there’s some distance between you and use your Slow ability on her to give yourself time to heal.

Follow all of the steps above and stay patient and you’ll defeat The Ninth Sister.


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