Path of Exile coming to the PlayStation 4

Path of Exile is one of the best and most popular action RPGs on Steam. It made its way to the Xbox and, last but not least, it is now coming to the PS4. There’s no solid release date yet, but the developers, GGG (Grinding Gear Games), have said that they plan to launch the game in December after the 3.5.0 expansion patch is released on other platforms. This update will also be part of the PS4 build.

The PlayStation 4 release trailer can be viewed below:

This is great news for any action-RPG fans that play on the PS4, especially considering there wasn’t a Diablo 4 announcement at Blizzcon nor was there any word on additional content for Diablo 3. Blizzard did, however, announce a new Diablo mobile game that everyone is uber excited for. I mean, we all have phones right? How could we not be excited about Diablo on mobile?

Anyway, Path of Exile has great reviews and a good player base and community, so this is a great addition to the already fantastic PS4 games lineup. However, even though the game is on the Xbox already, GGG has said that there will be no cross-play available; players on different consoles will be on different servers.

Oh, and did I mention it’s a Free-to-Play game? It’s not like some other games in this genre either; the game is actually free to play and there are—from what I have seen—no pay to win areas in the game, though there are some ‘pay for quality of life’ items such as a private stash, but they are in no way needed. I would say it’s similar to Neverwinter, in which I progressed to the end game and never had to pay a dime, although I did buy a cool mount with real money.






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