Overcooked 2 gets its first DLC

Pack your speedo’s and your spatula, we’re heading to the beach! Overcooked 2’s first piece of downloadable content, Surf ‘n’ Turf is available to download now on all platforms.

There are new chefs to take control of, most notably a parrot, and 12 new story levels, 2 new versus levels and a fresh Kevin level to play through too. These kitchens include sun-drenched beaches and swimming pools, as well as other tropical-themed areas. You’ll have new recipes to make too, including delicious fruit smoothies and mouth-watering kebabs. Don’t worry if you set fire to anything though, you’ll have a water pistol on hand (which replaces the fire extinguisher) to put out any flames or to clean your plates if you so wish. If you fancy going on the wind-up, you can also spray other players with the water pistol. Watch out for that bloody conga line, though, which will do it’s best to get in your way.






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