No Man’s Sky to Receive Updates Weekly

Hello Games have announced that following on from the ‘NEXT’ update there will be weekly updates to the game; these updates will include weekly missions and events with rewards for all that take part in them – similar to the weekly Destiny events.

These updates will be free as clarified by Sean Murray when speaking to IGN:

“This is not a loot box thing, it’s not a microtransaction thing, it’s 100% free”

Hello Games have indicated that these events won’t be a matter of simply ‘go here and kill’ missions; they seem to be focusing on the community and bringing it together. The community regularly organises in-game meetups and events itself, the new events introduced by Hello Games will hopefully mean the community no longer has to do that.

As well as the weekly updates, a new ‘Galactic Atlas’ website will be launching. The point of this website is to display the in-game events on, well, a galaxy map. The map will also feature ‘Portal Glyph’ addresses which will allow players to visit locations without having to manually warp there – basically it’s fast travel.

The map also has another useful feature; you can create your own points of interests so others can find and visit the locations you have visited. For example, you can create a POI on your favourite planet or create one that points people to your base so that you can show it off.

And finally, the map will allow you to view leaderboards which will show us who has made the most discoveries in a certain area.

Although these updates will be released on a weekly basis, Hello Games have been very keen to point out that these small weekly updates are on top of the regular game updates, so we can still expect to see regular free major content updates as well.

It’s not long now before NEXT drops (July 24th), and we can’t wait – No Man’s Sky will finally become the game we were promised at launch (hopefully).

Next has now landed, check out our full review of No Man’s Sky (including the next update).






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