Nintendo Switch Lite sold 1.95 million units in its first 11 days

The Nintendo Switch Lite sold a whopping 1.95 million units in its first 11 days, Nintendo has announced during its latest earnings report.

That’s a big achievement for the portable device, especially considering that it isn’t a new console, but rather a cheaper variant of an existing one. To put that into perspective, the standard Nintendo Switch console sold less than that in its first 11 days on sale. The success of the handheld device has bolstered Nintendo’s profits, and Nintendo Switch sales now sit at 41.67 million units worldwide, which puts it well on track to overtake the all-time sales of the SNES by the end of the next quarter.

Software sales are also going strong, although they are dominated by first-party titles, as is usually the case when it comes to Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening has sold 3.1 million copies worldwide amid a strong critical reception since it released at the end of September, while Super Mario Maker 2 has sold 3.9 million units worldwide since it launched back in June. Fire Emblem: Three Houses, meanwhile, has sold 2.29 million units since launching in July.

This all paints a pretty nice picture for Nintendo, who confirmed that profits are up 53.4 percent compared to the same six-month period last year. Moving forward, the short-term future also looks pretty bright for Ninty in the software department; Ring Fit Adventure launched less than two weeks ago, Luigi’s Mansion 3 released today (review incoming in the next week or so), and Pokemon Sword and Shield is less than two weeks away.



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